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Post-Processing Workshop (7:30 PM EST)
Hey everyone! Please consider yourself personally invited to our CCO Post-Processing Workshop, where we have fun learning and exploring what we can do with our photos once we clicked the shutter! Trust me, there is a lot! Like turn them into something you would put on the fridge for example, or even, why not, on a WALL! Please start with any two of your photos and process them any way you want using any software and any equipment you want! If your main camera is a phone and your processing is on a phone or a tablet, that's great too! That's it!! Easy peasy, right? Since the purpose of this workshop is to learn about post-processing, I would strongly encourage you to do something that you have never done before. For example, you can : Use layers in your photos. If you have never done so and want to learn about things you can do with layers, check out this article from a very helpful website : Create a composite image where you take elements of at least of two images and merge them into one image (basically one of the applications of layers); Add text to an image such as for a greeting card for a birthday or the Holidays. Please send me 4 photos (2 before and 2 after processing, 4 photos in total), by November 27th: two originals, and processed versions of those two images. If you are using multiple images to merge them into a single final image, then please send me all of the source images. Please name the files as "(your initials) 1.jpg", "(your initials) 2.jpg", etc. , and just number them in the order that you want them shown. For me, that would look like "JFR 1.jpg", "JFR 2.jpg", etc. As per club standards, please format them to 2160 pixels on the longest side. At the workshop, I will display someone's original, followed by their processed version of that image; the photographer will tell us what he or she did to the image, and the thought process that went into that.  T

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