CCO Visual Pursuits Software FAQ

1.       Q: Why is Copyright missing on some photos on the front page

A:  By default, copyright is added to all member’s photos.  However, you don’t see copyright on your own photos, just other member’s photos.  You may configure your settings so that other members don’t see copyright on your photos.  Go to:  My Account > My Account Settings > Update Personal Profile.   Go to the bottom of the page and select “Watermark only Public Images, not images viewed by members”.

2.       Q: When should I submit photos to a competition

A: All competitions have a deadline.  We recommend that you submit your photos a few days earlier than the deadline to avoid technical issues such as internet or computer failure.   The deadline takes into account the time we need to ready the competition for competition night.  Entries have to be judged, awards need to be assigned, then the presentation needs to be prepared for competition night. 

3.       Q: I can't login to the interclub website (

A: The interclub web site is run by the RA Club.  Your CCO login information will not work on this site.  If you have this problem, contact the RA Club for assistance.

4.       Q: I don’t see the event registration button in the CCO calendar

A: This is usually a browser issue.  Try another browser.

5.       Q: Why can't I see other member’s email, phone number in the "Membership List" page

A: Privacy is our priority.  By default, a member’s personal contact information is hidden from other members (but is visible to system administrators).  You can change your settings so that your contact information is displayed for others to see.  See How-To Instructions

6.       Q: On the CCO front page, why doesn’t the title of the photo describe what it is?

A: The title of the photo displayed on the CCO front page was given by the member when the photo was submitted for competition.  We recommend that members use “friendly” titles to describe what the photo is, so others can appreciate your work.  Don’t use titles like “IMG_3242.JPG 1080p image#5”.  See How-To Instructions for steps on how to change the title of your image.

7.       Q: I get an error on CCO web site.

A: Close the browser and try again or wait a few minutes and try again

8.       Q:  Where can I find my submitted photos after a competition has closed?

A:  Once a competition is closed, it is removed from the competition list on the “Submit Images to a Competition” page.  The images you submitted to the competition can be viewed in:

·       My Account>My Image Library, or;

·       My Account>My Image History

9.        Q:  How do I view an event in the Calendar?

A:  You can view an event in two ways.  You can hover your cursor over the event to obtain event information.  Or, you can click on the event which will take you to a new page.  Note that the “hover” method has a small font.  We cannot change the font size.  Clicking on an event to view, then pressing the back button to exit will take you back to the current date.   

10.      I want to use the same image I uploaded to an outing for a competition. I tried to upload it again, and the system wouldn’t let me.

A:  The software will only permit a single upload of the same image.  Once you have uploaded the image, it becomes part of your Image Library (My Account > My Image Library).  In these cases, access your Image Library to select the image you want to submit to a competition.

11.      Q:  I uploaded an image to my Image Library, and it disappeared!

A:  As long as an image is linked to a competition or gallery (e.g. outing), VP will not delete it. Only images in a member’s Image Library that have no links will be deleted after 90 days. 

12.     Q: How do I see my competition scores and the judges’ critiques?

A: View the images in your image library; scores and critiques are displayed there. See the “How To: Image Basics” document for more details on how to use the image library

13.     Q:  More to come!

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