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May, 2022
May, 2022
May 2022
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Members' Image Extravaganza (7:00 PM EDT)
Please join the meeting at 7:00 PM or later, for a 7:30 PM start. Members' Image Extravaganza As we approach the end of the current Club season, it's a great time to enjoy another collection of members' images. This evening will feature Essays and Portfolios and a look back on various Photo Outings.   Essays and Portfolios Members are invited to compile and present either a Photo Essay or a Portfolio. Photo Essays should relate a cohesive story line or theme through the use of a maximum of 8 images. The essay may be accompanied by a single, simple caption or title slide if desired (for a maximum total of 9 slides). Portfolios are intended to showcase a cross-section of the member's best work from the past year, and are to be limited to a maximum of 15 images. Examples of past shows may be found in the CCO Website Galleries at The images in this event will not be judged, nor will scores be attributed. Photographers may include photographs from previous competitions or those they plan on entering in the future. Owing to time constraints, members are asked to submit one essay or one portfolio. Recall that our previous Essay/Portfolio night simply had too many submissions for the available time; we had to defer some of them to later meetings. Craig will manage the presentation of the images. Photographers may provide a short commentary on their work, for example, to describe the genre, highlight their travel location, or explain a technique. Please be brief. Slide format and presentation. Please submit your images in accordance with the instructions for the 'Non-competition' events at the club calendar and at the image-submission screens. Please note the image naming convention. PLEASE NOTE: Submissions closed on April 18, 2022. Photo Outings Despite the pandemic restrictions, photography doesn't stop! Join our Outings Coordinator Cari Hauraney as she takes us on a tour of several self-direc
Essays (7:30 PM EDT)
Status: Closed Closed: April 18, 2022 11:59 PM Competition Type: Non-competition
Portfolios (7:30 PM EDT)
Status: Closed Closed: April 18, 2022 11:59 PM Competition Type: Non-competition

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